*Dreaming of a white Christmas*



I was so excited when I seen this new release from Cynful. Its the cutest Cardigan Dress. Yes.. you can also wear this as a dress or with something under it. I chose to wear with leggings because I felt as though it gave me more of that winter, warm, cozy look. And my goodness the HUD that comes with this thing is INCREDIBLE! Each Color has the option for 20..yes I said 20  different undershirt colors/textures which also can be hidden and the lace has 20 different color options. The possibilities are ENDLESS with this adorable dress. It also comes in 5 Standard Sizes, 1 Phatazz size for normal and Thicker fit, 2 Cuteazz sizes and, yes, also it comes with the Belleza Venus fit. Tango appliers are sold separately. This is also available at the Winter Trend 2014. This event is a two sim event.. you have a North Pole and a South Pole to explore and buy goodies at. Winter clothing is always my favorite.. rl and sl. You can always look so classy in winter clothing and I love it. So dont forget to head on over to this event and check it out before its to late! Hope everyone is having a fabulous beginning to their week! Love you all so much and thank you again for the continuous support.

Dress: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Cardigan Dress” (Grey) {NEW!} @ Winter Trend 2014

Leggings: Any Black Legging will do.. these Im wearing came with an outfit that Im not sure you can purchase anymore.
Heels: REIGN “Magnetic Pumps” (Black)
Hair: Truth Hair “Bijou”

I just want your fucking, filthy love♥

“Dont want your money
I got my own
Youre not my daddy
Baby Im full grown
Dont complicate it
Dont tell me lies
Im not your girlfriend
I aint never gonna be
Oh, your wife.”

Ke$ha “Dirty Love”




Happy Thursday Ya’ll!! Okay so I honestly have no clue where to start with this outfit. At first I was a little iffy about the way I put it together, but then showed it for a friend of mine, Jeani and she loved it so I said what the hell.. Ima blog it like this. 🙂 Now after wearing it around the past couple days (yes I said couple lol) Ive kinda fell in love with it. Its a little different for me and thats why I think I like it as much as I do. Okay Jaden lets get started talking about the outfit youve done enough rambling. Lets start with the top.. I was jumping from store to store at Whore Couture and came across this beauty. It extremely different and I dont think Ive seen anything like it in SL ever. The spikes on the leather jacket to the american flag tee under it. I knew from first sight I had to have it. The detail is great and its offered in other colors of the jacket too. Im so biased when it comes to colors in sl cause I tend to always lean towards the black stuff. Idk why other than maybe I know it will always match with something else in my closet and it can be used in different ways and not just with one outfit I put together. OR maybe its because I just love wearing black myself in real life. Either way Im always kinda biased when it comes to black clothing & shoes in SL. Now to the shorts. Im a HUGE lover of high waist shorts in real life. Not on myself ofc lol but on other people like Beyonce, Ke$ha, etc. So when I come across them in SL im like “ughhh!!! I NEEDDD!!!!” So these were NO exception. You cant tell because of the jacket and shirt but they sit pretty high up and Ive always noticed shorts like this makes your booty look fabulous! I think they were pretty cheap too so they wont break your bank. I really love the detail on the shorts with the zipper in the front going all the way down. Now.. onto these HEELS! Ahhh!!! I actually purchased 2 pairs of heels from this designer and I think there was another one there that I’ll probably end up going back to get. They are yet another thing thats different from what I normally wear and tbh Ive never been a huge shoe lover in SL until a friend of mine, Shelby created this facebook group page for JUST shoes in SL. And oh my worddddd Ive never wanted so many shoes in my entire life. If youre not a part of this group.. please >>click here<<  and join cause its just amazing. Anywho back to what I was saying. The wire wrapped around these shoes are excellent. It gives off that rebel’ish appeal with the high boot type heel. Ugh! I just am so in love with these shoes I cant say enough good things about them. I also love how they have a worn rusted look to them too. Ill just leave this at.. you NEED THESE HEELS IN YOUR LIFE. Seriously! if you have nothing to wear them with.. FIND something lol. Okay.. *Deep breathe to calm down* Now Id like to thank another designer for contacting me and allowing me to blog for them. The store .twenty13. is rather new but coming out with tons of great things every week. Today Im wearing a set of their eyes they have. They come in a ton of different colors for you to choose from and I just love them. Im really excited about this store because I truly think they will become something really great. Their store has a ton of things to offer as well. All things from clothing for men & women to accessories, shoes, eyes, hats, tattoos.. the list goes on. Thats why i really believe they will be great because they have so much to offer. Thank you again .twenty13. for allowing me to blog your amazing designs. ❤ Happy Shopping yall!

Top: !!IC- ::: “Biker Women Black Leather” @ WCF {NEW!}

Shorts: Indented Fashion “Do.Positions” @ WCF {NEW!}

Shoes: -DRD- “Whorn Heels Black” @ WCF  {NEW!}
Hair: eXxEsS “Chimera”
Eyes: .twenty13. “Reflections Mesh eyes 06 – Latte” {NEW!}

*Fast, Loose & Lovely*

*I wanna be like Betty Page*

*I wanna be like Betty Page*

Im back again with another adorable creation for The Rockabilly Fashion Fair. This one makes me think of a cute little house wife making apple pie or doing laundry and hanging it to dry outside. Haha. This outfit you see above is from Sugar & Cyanide. The name of the outfit is called “Ella 3.” The Rockabilly Fashion Fair runs from November 3-23, 2013. More than 100 designers will offer you 2 exclusive items related to the Rockabilly theme (1 for men and 1 for women). More information on the official website: http://therockabillyfashionfair.blogspot.ca/

Now there is 4 parts to this amazing fair. Here are links for you to check them out. If you cant get into one sim because its full just try another one.

Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D.


*I wanna be like Betty Page*



Yayy!! Im so excited about The Rockabilly Fashion Fair. If you know me Im a HUGE lover of that whole era. I think Pin up looks are just so freakin fabulous. The music, clothing, even down to the style of furniture that was out then was amazing to me. This outfit you see above is one of the adorable outfits that Jaysee from Sugar & Cyanide has created for yall. The name of the outfit is called “Betty” which automatically makes me think Betty Page.  The Rockabilly Fashion Fair runs from November 3-23, 2013.  More than 100 designers will offer you 2 exclusive items related to the Rockabilly theme (1 for men and 1 for women).  More information on the official website: http://therockabillyfashionfair.blogspot.ca/

Now there is 4 parts to this amazing fair. Here are links for you to check them out. If you cant get into one sim because its full just try another one.

Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D.