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Good morning my lovely blog readers. I was so fortunate to have this cute little bodysuit sent to me by Jeff Goodnight, owner of Goodnight Gear. He sent me the fatpack with comes with a color changing HUD. I really had a hard time deciding which color I wanted to blog. Going through my inventory looking for things to pair it up with I came across these boots which I dont think Ive ever worn before, put them on and remembered why I bought them lol. They are adorbs. I knew I had to find a color that suited these boots so decided on this grey. Originally I was going to blog the darker blue, but the pairing of it and these boots just was not a good look lol. So grey it is. Ive been seeing these bodysuits all over second life recently, but none textured the way I really liked.. or well.. thought that I HAD to have. Jeff’s textures on these are just… simple.. and I love simplicity. Because of the neutral cool tones the colors come in its easier to pair it up with all sorts of different items in your inventory. Which makes it versatile and when I can take a item and pair it up different ways.. thats a win to me. Gives me more chances of actually wearing the item more than once. I paired it up with Cynfuls Cropped Jean Jacket. This isnt a new release from Cyn, but I always find myself gravitating back to it. Its probably one of my if not my absolute favorite jean jackets in SL. She does have an add-on now for it so it fits most mesh bodies. Im wearing Lara here and it doesnt fit perfectly with the bodysuit.. but it fit enough for me to take these photos and love this look. Jeff also created not only standard sizes in the bodysuit, but also mesh body ones as well. His Maitreya size fit my body like a glove. Im normally a big fan of my Belleza Freya body, but when I put on that size it didnt work quite well with the alpha around the breast. Maybe Im doing something wrong, Idk lol. So thats why I threw on my Lara body and the alpha was perfect for it when I created it. So FYI if you just have the Belleza Freya body that you wear.. might take some tweaking.. or maybe one of the other bodies would work from Belleza. Tbh though I think its just the options on the Belleza Alpha HUD rather than the product itself. Or quite frankly it could have just been me being a total noob and SL being a total douche and didnt work for me lol. Grab a demo and see for yourself. Hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their weekend. ♥



BodySuit: Goodnight Gear “Bodysuit” {NEW!}Thank you, Jeff
Jacket: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Cropped Denim Jacket”
Hair: [e] “Serena”
Boots & Socks: fri. “Ingrid Boots/Cozy Socks” (Ash)
Clutch: Luas Urban Style “Demi Clutch” (Leopard Cross)

Dressed to impress.


A few weeks ago I was sent this lovely dress from a dear friend, Jeff. Hes the owner of the store Goodnight Gear. He named this dress “Sofia” and its so fitting too because it just radiates class. And when I think of classy women in Second Life I always think of his wife and my friend, Sofia. It reminds me of something you could wear to a nice day at the office or maybe even a holiday work party. This dress fit wonderfully on my Maitreya Lara Body. It also comes in different colors to choose from. I was going to blog the red because I just love my avi in anything red, but then decided to go with the black and dress it up a little. On my birthday I was sent a few items from Sofia as well from her store called Zee. In this post Im blogging two of the items she sent me. The first one is a big silver pair of hoop earrings and the second is this adorable pandora style bracelet. The detail on this bracelet is gorgeous! The dangle charms and the spacers are a perfect accessory to any outfit and I thought with it being in blue it gave my outfit a lil pop of color in a place you wouldnt expect. The other gorgeous new items she sent me will be used in later blog posts so be on the lookout for them. Id like to thank both Jeff & Sofia for allowing me to blog these gorgeous items. ♥ The heels are a newer release from Glamistry. I cant tell you enough how much I love this stores heels. They have versions for the slink feet and other mesh bodies as well. Im wearing these with my slink high feet. The quality of these heels are to die for. They are simply amazing. They come with a color changing HUD too so the possibilities are endless. I went with a classic black and the silver metal. Yes you even have 3 options for the metal piece as well. And no business attire is complete without your perfect Louis Vuitton handbag. I was searching marketplace last  night for a nice bag to pair up with this outfit and came across this. The designer has a couple different designer look handbags and this one also comes in a white color as well. I went with the classic brown LV look because thats the color its mainly known for and I figured it gave the look some flare. With my coffee in hand Im ready for my first day at the office. I hope you all enjoy this look as much as I did putting it together. Have a fabulous Thursday everyone and until next time..


Dress: Goodnight Gear “Mesh Sofia Dress” (Black) {NEW!} 
Hair: Truth Hair “Chynna”
Shoes: Glamistry “Ramonda Heels” {NEW!}
Earrings: Zee “Large Silver Hoops” {NEW!}
Bag: HOVC “LV1”
Bracelet: Zee “Pandora Style Bracelet” {NEW!}