Completely Perfect ♥


Never in a million years did I think I’d find someone so utterly and completely perfect,
someone who would make me happier than I ever dreamed I could be,
someone that would touch my life so profoundly and just give me a whole new
reason to breathe. But then I found you and realized that everything I anticipated
you to be doesn’t even compare to who you are.

Pose: Something Erotic “Our Resting Place” {NEW!} (Group Gift for Jan 2017)



A H a p p y Heart♥



Home is not a place or a lifestyle, but the state of your heart and all the people who take their place in it.



Outfit: Cynful Clothing & Co “Hoodie Dress” (Black) {Updated for The MIX Event}

The Hoodie Dress will be available in following sizes from Nov 1st (Category SALE – 50% discount):

Classic (XXS – L), Slink Physique+Hourglass, Belleza Isis,Freya and Venus, Maitreya Lara.

Each color is hud controlled: 3  dress textures, string choices, different metals for the zipper. Also 8 shirt colors + the option to hide for more cleavage!

Hair: Besom “Dreadheads Weeds”

Shoes: REIGN “Thigh High Sneakers” (Spooks Crosses) {NEW!} Were a Saturday Sale Special.

Stockings: I just have on a pair of random fishnet’s from my inventory that were apart of another outfit. Any fishnets will do.

Love & Decor ♥






Hey everyone! Today Im bringing to you something a little different. Ive never did a decor blog post and today I tried my hand with it. Ive never been big into decorating like a lot of amazing bloggers I see because.. well I just dont think Im that fantastic at it to be honest lol. When I seen Twenty13 came out with this cuteeeeee little setup though I figured Id give it a go and see how it turned out. Im actually pretty impressed with myself lol. All the things you see in this post that are Twenty13 related are Gatcha items. I didnt use everything in this set up that you can possibly snag in the machine, but I did use most of it. I also threw in a couple other things from Floorplan and Mesh Nation to change it up a bit. The seat you see me sitting on has 6 built in animations to choose from and Im showing you 2 of the 6 in this post. Im wearing my Maitreya body and just using the lingerie it comes with so nothing special about the clothing. Hair is from Ploom and if youre interested just lemme know and I can tell you what its called. I just really wanted to showcase the decor in this blog post rather than the clothing/hair etc. You can snag all these gatcha items by clicking [HERE] I hope this blog post wasnt a bust and yall think I did horrible with the decor. And if you do just keep in mind Im not a home decorator and I gave it my best shot lol. Happy Thirsty Thursday!! ♥


.Twenty13. Love Decor – Heart Cushion Pouf -RARE
.Twenty13. Love Decor -Wall Mounted Desk
.Twenty13. Love Decor – 3 Hearts on Sticks
.Twenty13. Love Decor – Trophy- Against All Odds
.Twenty13. Love Decor – Love Wall
.Twenty13. Love Decor – Wall Frame
.Twenty13. Love Decor – Lust- RARE
.Twenty13. Love Decor – XOXOXO Wall

Floorplan – Eiffel Tower Marquee

Floorplan –  I love you Canvas

Mesh Nation
Cluster of Candles

There’s a story in her eyes.



Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone had a great start to the week yesterday. Im having a second snow day so instead of being at rl work Im just sitting at home catching up on blogging. Today Im just going to be talking about some gorgeous eyes that Twenty13 has released. There are 20 different color options and Im showing you four of the 20 today. Stream is a gorgeous icy blue color, Mocha is this super pretty light brown. Around the edges you see this brown mocha color, Meadow is a green which looks great against dark skin tones and hair. Ive always been a fan of tan skin and dark hair with green eyes. They just pop against those colors. And last but not least we have Moon which is this grey color. I think Moon is my favorite out of these four colors. These eyes come with mesh AND a regular eye layer. Twenty13 has also put out a demo for these eyes so you can try them before you buy which ever color you want. You can grab the demo here.. [ Click me ] I have also included a photo of all the color options Brae has released. I didnt take that photo though, I grabbed it from the Twenty13 website. If you would like to visit the website you can click here [ Click me ] I hope you enjoy this post.. sorry it doesnt include other things, but I just wanted to showcase how fabulous these eyes are. Everyone have a wonderful Tuesday and as always.. until next time..


.Twenty13. “Realistic Mesh Eyes Optimal”

*There’s a Neon Light at the end of the tunnel*


Hey everyone!! I wish I had something really cool to talk about today, but I just dont. I havent blogged since the last of January and my creativity is running low. Sometimes I get like that but soon the creative juices start flowing again and Im popping out post after post and have really cool and funny things to talk about. Ive just been in a VERY EXTREMELY lazy mood recently. Please dont hurt me.. hopefully my next post will be more exciting when it comes to what I talk about. As for this look the top is from MoDanna and comes in a variety of different colors to choose from. The Leggings are something Im sure every female in SL owns. They were at Kustom9 the last round. I hope everyone picked them up because if not.. you missed out. UNLESS they are now in the main store. Im not sure, but you can check and see. The hair is new from Mina and available at FaMESHed this round. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hair. Its a must have.. so so so cute! The heels are from Glamistry. The are at the main store and I just keep falling in love with these shoes Glamistry continues to put out. The quality is absolutely FANTASTIC and look like rl shoes. Its insane!! Comes with a HUD so you can customize the shoes to how you want them. They are just fabulous!! I hope everyone is having a thirsty thursday!!! The weeks almost over yall! You got this!! And as always until next time..


Shirt: MoDANNA “Long Blouse” (Pink) Dimanche Collection. {NEW!}
Pants: Bueno “Leggings” (Black)
Hair: MINA “Peggy” {NEW!} @ FaMESHed
Shoes: Glamistry “Calystegia Heels”

*Act like a woman but think like a man*




Good Morning everyone!! Monday is over so we can plan on the rest of the week being fabulous until the weekend \O/ Today I bring to you the newest release from !Soul. This dress comes in a ton of different options with all kinds of accessories with it as you can see from the photo above. Some comes with earrings, purse, hat, watch, also includes shoes and a color changing HUD option on which ever dress you get. Youre basically getting 4 dresses in one. And get this.. all of it is for 60$L. Thats what I love about Shannon’s creations. Its always classy with great detail and always for a steal of a price so its affordable for basically everyone in Second Life. I chose the Army dress because I fell in love with the hat lol. I wanted to give it a Army/Prison feel. I wanted to feel important I guess or well.. look important rather haha. This outfit also comes with shoes but I chose not to wear them because we all know I suck when it comes to matching my skin. Im not sure why but my skin color is always sooooo hard to match with shoe huds. Therefore I decided to pair it up with some Maryjanes from Reign. Now you could only get them at the Gatcha Fair and Im sure most females got them while they were there. If you didnt though youre in luck because like I said the dress came with shoes anyways so hopefully youre better at matching skin than I am lol. Run on over to Soul and check out these fabulous dresses along with the other things they have for sale too. Shannon just released a new group Gift too thats a freebie and so so so cute so pick that up while youre there too. Until next time I hope everyone has a wonderful day.. muah xoxox


Outfit: !Soul “Buttons Dress” (Army & Hat) {NEW!}Comes with Lush & Tango Appliers
Visit them on Marketplace by clicking [here]
Hair: .Ploom. “I can see my halo”
Shoes: *REIGN. “Maryjanes” (Black) [They were available at the Gatcha Event.]

*Do what you want with my body*




Hey everyone! Today Im bringing to you one of three new Skin & Shapes from !Soul called “Rose Skin Sweet.” These Skins come with a ton of things to help all you Mesh Boobie & Booty people. It comes with appliers for Lush & Lolas, Phat Azz & Cute Azz. Also comes with eyes (not the ones in this photo), Also eyelashes (upper & lower), 6 different skin tones to choose from, the option for cleavage or not, and eyebrow base included. Very lovely.. I dont normally blog shapes cause I only use my own but I kinda love this one.. and decided to do it. Shape is mod too I do believe. Hope yall enjoy! Its different seeing me with a different avi shape for these photos but the more I looked at myself the more it grew on me lol. Eyes are from Pink Sugah if anyone is wondering and hair is from Truth 🙂

➽ƒαη¢у ∂σηт ℓєт мє ∂σωη⏎


I fell in love with this lingerie set from Cynful. It comes in a ton of different colors, but the Mint color was by far my favorite. My favorite part? The little detail in the back of the bra where the clasp is. Its this cute little circle and I think its a nice touch that probably goes unnoticed to most, but stuck out to me. The detail is just lovely. Also.. I had been looking for a new necklace with my zodiac sign on it. I could never find one but I came across this belly chain from Puncture with it. I instantly HAD to have it. Which is great cause Ive been looking for a belly chain that was made well, good quality and mesh. They have a ton of styles to choose from with different words and symbols but I knew I had to go with a Zodiac sign since I was looking for a necklace with it. Kinda got a 2 for one deal lol.


Lingerie: [Cynful] Clothing & Co.  “Deliciosa” (Mint)

Now with Bra applier, the Phat & Cute Azz appliers are included and available in the store now too!

Hair: .Ploom. “Leela” (Candy)

Belly Chain: Puncture “Zodiac Belly Chain”

*New from !Soul.. gorgeous dresses*



Hey everyone! Today Im bringing to you the newest release from !Soul. These dresses come in 8 designs and also come with Lola & Lush Appliers, Gloves, a fur collar (which is optional) and whats also cute about this dress is you get 2 dresses in 1. You get a longer version of the dress along with a mini short cocktail type version. Very cute! The one Im wearing is my by far favorite.. although I think the white one would be cute for a after wedding ceremony dress. Ive always been a fan of a wedding dress during the wedding then changing into something a little less fluffy and big for the reception. I think the white one would be perfect for that. Run and snag all these up ladies. Tons of color options and gorgeous detail.


Dress: !Soul “Obscure”

!Soul’s Marketplace store click here

Hair: Truth Hair “Fernanda”

Jewelry: Earthstones “Diamond tennis bracelet, earrings, & necklace”


.x. More like her .x.





This is the newest release from !Soul. This whole outfit you see here comes in the pack for just 60L, including the dress, hand bag, and shoes. The thing I love the most about the shoes is the peep toe it has in the front and the heel shows in the back. Theyre very sexy mesh boots. Thats what I love about !Soul creations is that you get all these great high quality mesh items for only 60L. You seriously cant beat that. This outfit is called “Zig-Zag” And I picked this one to blog cause I know my Mama’s favorite color to wear is orange for our Papa and I knew she would love it. 🙂 Ive also included the other styles and colors of this dress above as well so you know if you would like any of the other colors. Enjoy Ladies!!

 You can also visit !Soul on Marketplace. >> Click Here <<