*Its a Sad November*



Shirt: MoDANNA “Brouillard Collection” (Corset Long Sleeve Marine) {NEW!} @ Sad November

Jeans: MoDANNA “Brouillard Collection” (Whool Pants Black) {NEW!} @ Sad November

Shoes: .:Pink Sugah:. “Paloma” (Powder Room) {NEW!} @ Erotigacha

Hair: .Ploom. “Anetta”

*All that glitters*



Hello my gorgeous lovies!! Today Im bringing to you a new release from Mercy’s Bowtique. And the great thing about this dress… IT ACTUALLY FREAKING SPARKLES! Im not talking about particle crap either.. like.. the dress itself SPARKLES! Omg its soo sooo soooo stinking cuteeeee!! It comes in a few other colors and all of them sparkle. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I put it on. I seriously can NOT get enough of it. SO adorable. I wish there was a way that I could show you it actually sparkling but just trust me, it does. Go get it.. nao! lol. If you love glittery things like I know every girl does.. You will love this dress.

Dress: Mercy’s Bowtique “Lana Dress” (Barbie)

Hair: .Ploom. “Carrie”

Center of the ring just like a circus.




Im bringing to you a new release from Pink Sugah today for this absolutely AMAZING event starting November 6th-26th. This is called the Cirque de Seraphim Event. Its a sim-wide sales event featuring designers with new, circus themed creations. The best part about this event? Each designer has to provide at least one donation item at 50% donation to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) So one items money earned from it 50% of it will go to help animals. If you know me you know im a HUGE supporter of animals and helping them. So when I found this out it just touched my heart so much. This is a huge event too with tons of goodies to go check out. Please go and at least look around. Its for a great cause.. who doesnt love helping animals? And you could make a difference with your purchases. This outfit Im showing you today is new from Pink Sugah as I said and you get everything you see here besides hair. Outfit comes with the laces for your feet, clothing, and head piece. ALSO this is Tara’s first pose prop shes made. It also comes with the outfit. Its a cute little bar with a few different poses in it that you see above. I didnt show them all so you will have to get this outfit to see the rest. It comes in 5 colors total and it so stinkin cute. I hope you go visit this event starting the 6th and at least look around.. what do you have to lose?


Outfit: .:Pink Sugah:. “Trapeze Outfit” (Pink) {NEW!} @ Cirque de Seraphim
Hair: .Ploom. “Carrie”

*She’ll keep the light on*

“And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul.
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll.

And shes buying a stairway… to heaven.”




Shirt: [Reloaded] “Zippered Skirt Leather” {NEW!}
Skirt: [Reloaded] “Bustier Top Floral” {NEW!}
Shoes: Reign “Renegade Plats” (Black)
Hair: .Ploom. “Holli”
Bracelets: C h a r y “Gaia Bangles” (Golds)
Rings: [7891.] “Ring Gang” (Gold) {On MarketPlace}
Nails: [Reloaded] “Flutter” {NEW!}

The Fairest of them all.




Hey Yall! This is a new exclusive from Pink Sugah for the Going Bust Event. This event will start on August 28th (today) and run for two weeks. Some rules have changed for this event though so listen closely. The items are no longer located outside the individual stores on the sim. They are all located at a central location. All items are L$100 or less, and this is a discount event for everyone. I love this dress from PS. The little anchors are so cute. Im a huge fan of them and find myself reaching for items with anchors on them in second life. Hurry and run on over to the Going Bust event and check out all the other stores on the sim and pick up some things. I know where Im going today after I get home from work 🙂 Yall have a wonderful thursday!! ♥



Dress: .:Pink Sugah:. “Bombshell” (Black Anchors) {NEW!} @ Going Bust

Hair: .Ploom. “Carrie”

Heels: *REIGN. “Malice Heels”

Necklace: MG “Necklace Pearls” (Black)

Sing like no ones watching.




Hey Yall!! Okay first off can I just say HOW FREAKIN ADORABLE IS THIS PHOTO CUBE?! Ahhhh!!!! I fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it. It comes with so many different pose options and pose props. You get the hairbrush to sing into and the headphones. BUT.. and yes there is a but.. Today is the LAST DAY you can go snag this from Rhapsody so please take a minute.. stop looking at this blog.. and go get this quick lol. Ugh! Its just so stinking cute I freaking love it so much. Even the makeup on the vanity.. SO CUTEEEEE!!! Okay now onto the outfit. I picked this up at Chapter 4 the other day. This not only comes with this dress but another one as well. I love the high waist skirt with the top peeking through showing your skin. Its so absolutely adorable! I paired it up with an updo from Ploom and flip flops from Reign. Hope yall enjoy!! xoxox Until next time…


Outfit: *ionic* “Martina Dress + Outfit 1” {NEW!} @ Chapter 4
Hair: .Ploom. “Nicola”
Shoes: Reign “Pattern Flip Flops” (Seafoam Chevron)
Photo Prop: Mmm…Kay! “Pop Bedroom Photo Cube” {NEW!} @ Rhapsody

*Susie Homemaker*





Hey everyone! Gosh first of all can I just say how much of a slacker Ive been this month with blogging? Although I think summer months things like that tend to happen. Next week Im on vacation so hopefully I can pick July back up with a bang and get my blog back into my regular routine. Today Im bringing to you what I feel makes me look like little Susie Homemaker. Look at me up there all sweeping the floor and shit. I even found time to bake a cake, make some coffee and pick some flowers and stick them in a vase. Umm.. can we just say JADEN FTW? And I bake in this cute little outfit. Of course its so much sexier if you dont wear anything else under it for your man to sneak a peek when he gets home. Since Im single though I was just turning the neighbors on who peep in the windows lmao. Any who I hope yall are having a fabulous day and I hope you enjoy this outfit as much as I did taking the photos. ♥


Outfit: .::Pink Sugah::. “The Florist”

Shoes:  *REIGN. “Group Gift”

Hair: .Ploom. “Abelle”

*Act like a woman but think like a man*




Good Morning everyone!! Monday is over so we can plan on the rest of the week being fabulous until the weekend \O/ Today I bring to you the newest release from !Soul. This dress comes in a ton of different options with all kinds of accessories with it as you can see from the photo above. Some comes with earrings, purse, hat, watch, also includes shoes and a color changing HUD option on which ever dress you get. Youre basically getting 4 dresses in one. And get this.. all of it is for 60$L. Thats what I love about Shannon’s creations. Its always classy with great detail and always for a steal of a price so its affordable for basically everyone in Second Life. I chose the Army dress because I fell in love with the hat lol. I wanted to give it a Army/Prison feel. I wanted to feel important I guess or well.. look important rather haha. This outfit also comes with shoes but I chose not to wear them because we all know I suck when it comes to matching my skin. Im not sure why but my skin color is always sooooo hard to match with shoe huds. Therefore I decided to pair it up with some Maryjanes from Reign. Now you could only get them at the Gatcha Fair and Im sure most females got them while they were there. If you didnt though youre in luck because like I said the dress came with shoes anyways so hopefully youre better at matching skin than I am lol. Run on over to Soul and check out these fabulous dresses along with the other things they have for sale too. Shannon just released a new group Gift too thats a freebie and so so so cute so pick that up while youre there too. Until next time I hope everyone has a wonderful day.. muah xoxox


Outfit: !Soul “Buttons Dress” (Army & Hat) {NEW!}Comes with Lush & Tango Appliers
Visit them on Marketplace by clicking [here]
Hair: .Ploom. “I can see my halo”
Shoes: *REIGN. “Maryjanes” (Black) [They were available at the Gatcha Event.]