*Iced Coffee & Milkshakes*



Good afternoon everyone! Can we just talk about how adorable this little girl is in this photo? Meet Averie.. shes 3 and full of smiles and happiness. Dont touch her weaves though.. she might be but little.. but she is fierce and will hurt you. She also loves to grab old nasty gum off whatever people put it on and keep it in her pocket for later. You have to be careful or sometimes she will try and chew it. Since she didnt eat any chewed gum today I treated her to a milkshake while I drank some Iced Coffee. Her milkshake was Peanut Butter with EXTRA peanut butter. She downed it all so fast I barely got the chance to snap this photo of us. She is 1/2 of the cutest twins ever in Second Life. So tiny, sweet, and delicate with BIG personalities and even bigger hearts. She is a total princess and has stolen my heart. (Dont worry though.. the other half to this cute little bundle of love will be featured in another blog post.)

This pose can be found at The Pose Fair. Its a cute family creation from the lovely Miss Ally at Something New Props & Poses. This pose is called “My Milkshake” and it comes with everything you see here. The prop and the background and milkshakes and everything. Its absolutely adorable and if you have little ones in your Second Life you will need this pose in your life. Thank you Miss Ally for creating something so adorable. ♥

If youre wondering what I have on in this post.. Its the dresses from Rebel Hope at Fameshed. 🙂