still an angel

“She may have danced with the devil unintentionally once or twice
but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve something heavenly”


Romper: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Antheia Romper” {NEW!} @ Collabor 88
Hair: Tableau Vivant “Silvana Hair” {NEW!} @ Collabor 88
Shoes: REIGN “Moccasin Wedges”
Nails: [.G.] “Coffin Tipz” (Color Stroke Set II)
Rings: (Yummy) “Delicate Ring Stacks” (Slink)
JIAN “Dove Collection”
[DDD] “Twinkling Flower Bushes” {NEW!} @ Blush
[DDD] “Swaying Spring Bushes” {NEW!} @ Blush
[DDD] “Delicate Ivy Set” {NEW!} @ Blush
HPMD “Sweet Garden Grass”
Floorplan “Fresh Flowers Sign”


be that woman

Be that woman whose not afraid to be who God created you to be.
That woman who is proud to be who you are, and stand in your truth.
In a world filled with so many influences, be that woman who finds
great pleasure in living out loud and above the influence. That’s how
you make an impressionable difference. Im happy to be a woman
who stands in my truth by remaining authentic, honest, and pure
hearted in all I do. That’s something I’ll never change for anyone.
That’s who people wont forget.

Dress: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Alvena’s Leather Strap Dress” {NEW!} @ Fetish Fair Feb 2018
Hair: [RA] “Nancy”
Rings: (Yummy) “Delicate Ring Stacks” [Slink Bento Hands] {NEW!} @ N21
Nails: e.marie “Boho Bliss Set” {NEW!} @ Kustom9

This whiskey got me feelin pretty


This whiskey got me feelin pretty
So pardon if I’m impolite
I just really need your ass with me
I’m sorry about the other night
And I know I could be more creative
And come up with poetic lines
But I’m turnt up upstairs and I love you
Is the only thing that’s in my mind

You take me higher
Higher than I’ve ever been babe
Just come over let’s pour a drink babe
I hope I ain’t calling you too late
Too late
You’re like my fire
Let’s stay up late and smoke a jay
I wanna go back to the old ways
But I’m drunk instead with a full ash tray
With a little bit too much to say

I’ve been a huge fan of Spirit clothing recently and Empire shoes. So pairing them both together made me feel extra cute last night. The pink with the nude shoes gave me life. Also pairing it up with some rose gold jewelry was the perfect accessory. Add a cute headband to match the shoes and boom. You’re ready for a night out whether it be to the club or somewhere romantic. I knew I had to blog this even though I’ve seen this outfit blogged a ton of times. I felt pretty and I wanted to show it off lol. 


Clothing: SPIRIT “Kara Overall” (Pink) {NEW!} @ Collabor88 April Round
Hair: Truth Hair “Thelma”
Shoes: Empire “Aster” {NEW!} @ Kustom9 April Round
Bangles: Kibitz “Chara Bangles” (Copper)
Rings: Kibitz “Olzen Ring Set” (Copper)
Necklace: Paper Arrow “Heart Necklace”

Hello November.



“As we drive along this road called life, occasionally a gal will find herself a little lost. And when that happens, I guess she has to let go of the coulda, shoulda, woulda, buckle up and just keep going.” – Carrie Bradshaw. 

The one thing that comes to mind when it turned Fall time is… cardigans. I love them in RL and I love them in SL. Nothing gives more of that “im warm, cuddly, and comfy” look than a big oversized cardigan. Theres quite a few of these at Sad November Event this year. Im wearing the one from MoDANNA. I love how its size is big and almost to the ground. Makes me want to cuddle up on the couch and binge watch Sex & the City, FRIENDS, Roseanne, or some older tv show along those lines. Also.. I think Sad November is a fantastic title for this event.. why? because it makes me Sad because my bank account in SL will be sad ALL November because this event will take all my monies lol.  The little tank top is a freebie from Blueberry. Yes it is a group gift and comes with a color changing hud. I love this tank and see it coming in handy for all kinds of different looks. Youre crazy if you havent snagged this little beaut yet. Jeans are a oldie, but goodie from Cynful Clothing. You can never go wrong with a skinny jeans and Ugg Boot look.


Cardigan: MoDANNA “Cascade Cardigan” (Grey) {NEW!} @ Sad November
Shirt: Blueberry “Tank Top” (Group Gift) {NEW!}
Jeans: Cynful Clothing & Co “Skinny Jeans” (Blue)
Hair: *Besom~ “India”
Boots: Alyce “Ugg Boots”
Monkey: *[Black Bantam] “Baby Monkey” (Ash) {NEW!}
Necklace: (YUMMY) “Repurposed Charms Necklace”
Rings: **{Formanails}** “Rings”

*No Introduction Needed*


Shirt: MoDANNA “Knitted Skull Sweater” (White) [Hibou Collection] {NEW!} @ anyBODY
Jeans: MoDANNA “Worn out jeans” (Dark Blue) [Hibou Collection] {NEW!} @ anyBODY
Hair: Truth Hair “Sierra”
Shoes: REIGN “Not Your Momma’s Knit Boots”
Tattoo: .Identity. “Dreamcatcher”
Rings: Izzie’s “Midi Rings” (Silver) {NEW!}



.:: Bad Company ::.




Absolutely love this outfit. Its very laid back with a comfy look but still stylish as ever. The top isnt mesh which is kinda its downfall but with a little adjusting of your hips its a perfect fit. These jeans are by far one of my favorite pair of jeans in SL. It has that worn look that we all know and love. It comes with a version for if you plan on wearing boots or without boots. Also comes in both bottom layers so you can wear it as a pants layer or undies layer. For shoes I decided to top it off with MY FAVORITE wedges by SLINK. These shoes you can change the platform color to a cork look or just black. The store has tons of other versions of this shoe as well. Also it gives you the option to change your nail color and you can add flowers and little designs to the thong of the shoe as well. These nails need to be owned by EVERYONE! Right now you can go to Perfect Wardrobe and get them in a complete outfit designed by Alterego if you want to try them out. They have an absolute perfect fit and super easy HUD to control. Also comes with a variety of different colors to choose from. Theyre all Ive been wearing recently. Im totally obsessed!

Top: C. Smit – XL Tank Top – Gaudy RocknRoll – White (Found on Marketplace)

Jeans: T&S :: Tramp Jeans (Faded) (Found on Marketplace)

Shoes: SLINK : Shaz Platform

Hair: Truth Hair – Kami

Tattoo: Tenjin: Hummingbird Heartbeat Tattoo (Located at the Jersey Shore Store)

Nails: :: Alterego :: “Glitter Nails” (Came in the outfit sold at Perfect Wardrobe)

Ring: (On left hand) :: Alterego :: “Big Ass Rang”  (Came in the outfit sold at Perfect Wardrobe)   (Link to Perfect Wardrobe)