*Cupids Chokehold*



Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing fabulous because I know I am. Today Im bringing to you a exclusive that will be only avaliable at SeXXX Sells. Siren Productions welcomes you to a world of Sin, Depravity, Perversion, and of course SeXXX. This event runs from Jan. 17th-Feb. 1st, 2014. Its starts on January 17th which is MY BIRTHDAY so of course I already love this event lol. This event has a TON of things going on from Fashion Shows, Parties, Charity Auctions and more. It something you dont want to miss especially if youre a kinkeh lil freakie 😉 Rawrrrr.

This outfit is from .:Pink Sugah:.  and its called “Stupid Cupid” Now you can only get this at the SeXXX Sells Event. Its a adorable little cupid outfit. Comes with every applier imaginable, tons of different looks to choose from. You can wear the full outfit with the skirt, remove the skirt to show off the panties & garter, OR you can just remove the garter and wear the bra and panties. Its super adorable! 🙂

Hair: Truth Hair “Bonnie”
SeXXX Sells Event

A Holiday Dress to Remember. :)



This is a new Holiday themed dress from Sugar & Cyanide. Its called “Holiday-purple” and its absolutely beautiful. I love this color purple its so pretty. Could be used for tons of different occasions.. even maybe a New Years Party dress. Dont let this one slip by you girls. Go get it.

You can get it at The Boobie Planet

*Fast, Loose & Lovely*

*I wanna be like Betty Page*

*I wanna be like Betty Page*

Im back again with another adorable creation for The Rockabilly Fashion Fair. This one makes me think of a cute little house wife making apple pie or doing laundry and hanging it to dry outside. Haha. This outfit you see above is from Sugar & Cyanide. The name of the outfit is called “Ella 3.” The Rockabilly Fashion Fair runs from November 3-23, 2013. More than 100 designers will offer you 2 exclusive items related to the Rockabilly theme (1 for men and 1 for women). More information on the official website: http://therockabillyfashionfair.blogspot.ca/

Now there is 4 parts to this amazing fair. Here are links for you to check them out. If you cant get into one sim because its full just try another one.

Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D.


ωнєη ι ℓσσк αт уσυ



This is a new dress brought to you by .::Pink Sugah::. Its available at the Silicone Event. It opens to the public October 16th and ends the last day of October. Hurry now to pick it up. The detail is gorgeous and I love the little bow added in the back. Simple yet just the right touch for this dress. I hope you all enjoy! ❤

Dress: .::Pink Sugah::. “Together – Silk “ {NEW!}

Hair: .ploom. “Ashlee” {NEW!}

Silicone Event
Silicone Event Blog >> Click Here <<

Silicone Event Flickr >> Click Here <<

*That’s my kinda night*





Here’s the newest release from !Soul. These dresses come in a variety of colors and styles. As y’all know i’m a country girl and of course i’m going to pick the dress called “Country.” So adorable and also comes with appliers for your boobies. All these dresses shown are only 60L a piece. Also in the bottom picture it shows the outfits and if it has the little dots of different colors.. that means it comes with a HUD that you can change the color of the top. Ive included a photo of the hud for the one that Im wearing. What I love about !Soul  the most is its great quality, very classy and so affordable. Hope everyone enjoys! Happy shopping ladies.

{Get the Look}

Outfit: !Soul “Country” {NEW!}

Hair: Truth Hair “Siobhan”


Bracelet: -RYCA- “Bracelet/Armband Pack Cross Gold”


Rings: [7891.] “Ring Gang” (Gold) [Can be found on Marketplace]

Earrings: Erratic “Hoop Earrings Gold”

Necklace: *MM* “Circle Charm Necklace” (You can change the color) [Can be found on Marketplace]

Watch: [7891.] “Rolex Watch” (Gold) [Can be found on marketplace]

ι ∂σ ιт ƒσя тнє яαт¢нєтѕ

ι ∂σ ιт ƒσя тнє яαт¢нєтѕ

ι ∂σ ιт ƒσя тнє яαт¢нєтѕ

ι ∂σ ιт ƒσя тнє яαт¢нєтѕ

ι ∂σ ιт ƒσя тнє яαт¢нєтѕ

Top: [R3] “Studded Bra” (Black Lace)

Skirt: .S&C. “Forbidden Skirt” (Comes with a HUD to change the colors) {NEW}

Fishnets: :.Envious.: “Poofed Fishnets”

Shoes: {Alterego} “Platform Stilettos + Legwarmers” (Blk Strip)

Hair: >Truth Hair< “Jolene”

Glasses: HOC “Aviator Style Glasses”

Bracelets: [ADN] “Glampire Rock Bracelet” (Part of a outfit)

**RE** “Nox Alegoria Bracelets 1.1”  (found on marketplace)

Belly Chain: MG “Hip Chain Babette” (Black Jet & Silver) {found on MP]

Nails: [Mandala] “Milky Way Ring & Nails”