.:: WiREFLY ::.








Since I havent did a blog in a few days and I get asked continuously about this outfit every time I wear it, I figured why not blog about it. Haha!

What I love about this outfit the most if the fact that it comes with a alpha layer that connects everything together. It also comes with alpha layers separately but for us Phoenix Viewer users it comes with a FULL Alpha so we can actually wear the whole outfit considering it is 100% mesh. The details are fabulous as well as the fit and flow on the body. It comes in 7 different pant sizes &  5 different shirt sizes. Therefore fitting basically every avi out there. I used the small sizes on mine cause I felt that it fit better with my shape other than my boobs and booty. I adjusted them and it didnt give me pancake butt with even the pants being a small. All in all a fabulous winter’ish outfit but still showing a little sexy.


Outfit- Wirefly – Club Outfit (Includes boots, top, & bottoms)

Earrings- 3-hoop Earring in Radiant Gold (not sure the maker.. probably easily found on MP though)

Nails: AlterEgo Glitter Nails

Ring: AlterEgo “Big ass Rang”

Makeup: [Curves] Mystique make-up-eyeshadow Brown

Belly Ring: dl:: Emo Belly Piercing

Hair: .ploom. “Gabby”

Nose Ring: Jewelled Monroe *Xia’s Boutique*

Tattoo: Custom iNKZ Tattoos



::Your Body::


Being the huge Christina Aguilera fan that I am. I thought that it would be fun to try and recreate one of her outfits from the “Your Body” video. I think I might end up recreating all of her outfits from that video, but for now this is the only one. For as long as it took me to find these pieces and put them together. Its actually not that complex of a outfit than what it seemed while I was searching for the items all over the place. Haha! Hope you like ❤

Leggings ~ CMORE “Jersey Leggings”

Top ~ ::YB:: “Tank me Yellow”

Shoes ~ HOC Industries “Platform Pumps”