Its okay Lewis, you’re home now.

This blog post has been very difficult for me to do. I’ve had many ideas of how I want to showcase this pose, but nothing seemed as though it was worthy enough. This morning I sat down at the computer and the creativity hit me. I MIGHT be crying as I type this.. as my heart just hurts so bad for Australia. If you have me added on Facebook you know that I was very attached to the story of Lewis. The little Koala that was rescued by a lady that wrapped him in her own shirt and saved him from the fires he was walking through. The video has been all over the internet and it broke me. I followed the story, checking in to see if little Lewis was going to make it. His burns were so severe that unfortunately, he didn’t. My heart broke. I know there were millions of other animals going through the same thing but for some reason, Lewis and his story was the one that my heart ached for the most. This post is a tribute to him and all of the other Koalas that have lost their lives in these tragic fires in Australia. My inspiration for the photo, simply put.. is God calling his little creatures home. Away from the fire, the burns, the scars, the hurt. With him they are whole, loved, and happy. I know we like to think most animals stay at the Rainbow bridge, but I’m a firm believer that they are playing together in Heaven with all our other loved ones there. This post is to remind me and others that the stories we see online might not be the best, but these little guys are doing so much better now where they are. Although we’d much rather have them here on Earth with us, the Angels are taking care of them better than we ever could.

With all of this being said I would like to tell you a little about my dear friend Allyson Dwyer Applewyte aka my Miss Ally. She’s the owner of Something New Poses and she lives in Australia. This lady is something so special. Words really can’t even begin to describe the goodness in her heart. To know her is to love her and having her as a friend is one of the best things to happen in my Second Life. Ally has a huge family in second life filled with some of the best people. Allys family in her real life is just as big, she shares some of it with us on her Facebook. She has children, some of the cutest grandbabies, and a heart big enough for all of them and still enough room for us on Second Life. Which is a blessing to us that she probably doesn’t realize. She’s one of the rare, precious people you find in Second Life and never let go of. She’s a lover, fighter, generous, compassionate, and humble human. Words really don’t come close to describing the incredible human she is, but I tried. All of this doesn’t begin to sum her up at all, trust me.

Ally has donated to numerous organizations during the fires in Australia and now she’s asking for us to help her, help her home as well. She has released some poses at her store and is donating ALL of the money to RSPCA NSW-Bushfire Appeal. So far she has mentioned that with everyone’s purchases they’ve raised nearly 30,000L. She’s not asking for much for her poses, the one you see here comes with the Koala and is only 150L. That’s the smallest amount shes asking for, for such a wonderful cause. I’m currently on Ally’s blogging list so I could have gotten this pose for free, but I didn’t want to get this pose for free. I wanted to help contribute, so I went to the store and bought it myself. She also has a little tip jar for other donations too if you feel so inclined to do so. Every little bit helps. And all of it will be donated, as Ally is a very very trustworthy person. On top of these ways you can help she also mentioned that she is beginning to organize an event for Australia Day, so make sure you keep your eyes open for that to start. I took a photo of the poses you have the option of choosing from. They will be pictured below.

Please, please take the time to stop into her store and purchase at least one pose or if you aren’t the type that does pictures you can at least stop in and donate to the little tip jar Koala you see in this photo. No amount is too small. Every L$ counts. Australia needs us all to help them right now in any way we can. Even when the fires are put out it will be a long road to recovery but I pray and know that they will be able to overcome all of this and build their country back up. Thank you SO much for taking the time to read my whole post. I truly appreciate it. ♥

[[Clothing & Pose Info]]

Pose: Something New Props & Poses “Hug a Koala” {NEW!}
Dress: Just Because “Gala Gown”
Hair: Stealthic “Cascade”

Always be a Bumblebee

Bumblebees are not designed to fly.
Its body is too heavy for its light wings,
wings that should not be able to keep it in
the air. Bumblebees refuse to accept their
limitations. It flies in spite of what it’s been
told it cannot do. It knows its strength.
Be a Bumblebee ♥


Lingerie: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Unwrap Me Lingerie Set” {NEW!} @ Cupid INC
Hair: Phoenix “Christel”

[[*Pose & Background*]]
Pose: Something New “Mr BumbleBee” {NEW!} @ Vogue Event
Backdrop: MINIMAL “The Forest” (Saturday Sale 02.02.19)


Life is not always sunshine and rainbows

You know what true strength is? It’s being able to admit

when you are actually feeling weak. Admitting that you don’t

have your shit together, the way you would like to.

That you’re a little, or extremely lost. That you’re in fact

not the well, put together person you’ve been pretending to be.

That you don’t have all the answers. That you’re battling with yourself.

That you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing. That you’re scared. That you’re

damaged. That you’re mean to people sometimes, simply because you’re

painfully unhappy with yourself. That you’re currently not the best version

of yourself but want to learn how to be. That you need help.

 That you’re incredibly insecure and broken on the inside, and

because of that, have been lashing out on people around you who don’t

deserve it. True strength is being able to get a fucking grip on yourself, be humble

for a change, and admit that you’re not immune from the dark shit life

throws at everyone from time to time, that you’re actually smack in the middle

of it but want to learn how to rise above it. Own your truths, and set yourself free.

Dress: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Dion Set” {NEW!} @ faMESHed
Hair: PHOENIX “Mishon Hair”
Nails: e.marie “Autumn Elegance”
Watch: SOICEY4EVA “Solex Watch”
[[*Pose & Decor*]]
Something New Props & Poses : Cry if you want to {NEW!} @ TWE12VE Monthly Event – 12L BIRTHDAY GIFT!
Hive “Celebration Balloons”
Foxcity Photobooth “Escape”
Apple Fall “Confetti Balloon”

Floatin is all I wanna do

Bikini: Queenz “March Group Gift”
Hair: Truth Hair “Jacica” {NEW!} Group Gift for April
Glitter: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Stripper Body Dust”
Glasses: [Cubic Cherry] “Lala”

[*Pose DECOR Location*]
Something New “Tilda Water Butterfly” {NEW!} @ I&R I Feel Pretty Hunt May 1-30
Hint: Wearing Heels made her feel pretty
[Cosmic Dust] “Basic Bitch Milkshake”
Location: Gardens of Grace

It’s time for a chocolate break

Top & Shorts: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Rainy Baby”
Hair: Runaway “Shelby Hair”

[*Decor & Pose*]
Peaches “Mon Desir Planner” {NEW!} -Group Gift-
Dust Bunny “Assorted Love Chocolates”
Pose & Backdrop: Something New Props & Poses “Enjoying a slice” {NEW!} @ Pose Fair

*Happy Easter*

Dress: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Lioness 2in1”
Heels: N-Core “Isla”
Hair: -FABIA- “Beverly”

SAYO “Boudoir Bedroom Fur Rug”
Dust Bunny “Snake Plant”
Dust Bunny “Elephant Ear Plant”
Half Deer “Hanger Frames”
SAYO “Modern Minimalist Frames”
The Hive “You & Me Frame”
*Iconic* “I will love you till the end of time”
-Tres Blah- “Hot Lips Phone”
Vespertine “Rainbow Succulent Bowl”
-Tres Blah- “Stacked Magazines”
Nikotin “Champagne Flute”
-Tres Blah- “Skull with light roses”

FOXCITY “Vip Group Gift April 2018” {NEW!}

[[*Pose & Props*]]
Something New Props & Poses “Paint my Egg” {NEW!} 

its cold outside

Dress: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Zipporah Dress” {NEW!} @ C88
Socks & Shoes: REIGN “12 Days of Reignmas Day 2” {NEW!}
Pose: Something New Props & Poses “Baby its cold outside” {NEW!} @ Baby its cold outside hunt
Hair: Truth Hair “November Gift”
Antlers: Blueberry “Jolly Holidays 2016 Gift”

Christmas waves its magic wand

Christmas waves a magic wand
over the world, and behold,
everything is softer
and more beautiful.

Top: Blueberry “Ela Jackets” {NEW!}
Jeans: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Sadystika’s Flare Jeans”
Hair: Runaway “Nancy”
Pose: Something New Props & Poses “My Reindeer- Blitzen” {NEW!} @ Gacha Good Winterfest


Don’t Fear the Reaper

– Clothing –
Dress: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Andressa” {NEW!}
Choker: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Andressa Choker”
Hair: VoltHAIR “Candy” {NEW!}
Horns: __♥aC “Demoness Horns”
Nails: e.marie “Creepy Babe” {NEW!} @ Kustom9
Background: JACKALOPE “Pentagram Backdrop” #2 RARE {NEW!} @ Season of the Witch

Pose: Something New Props & Poses “Havens Moon” {NEW!}

Jackalope “Witchy Collection Gacha Table” {NEW!} @ Season of the Witch until Nov 4th
Jackalope “Witchy Collection Gacha Triangle Shelf” {NEW!} @ Season of the Witch
Jackalope “Witchy Collection Gacha Sull & Grimoires” {NEW!} @ Season of the Witch
Jackalope “Witchy Collection Gacha Herb Cabinet” {NEW!} @ Season of the Witch
Jackalope “Witchy Collection Gacha Cat & Spellbook” {NEW!} @ Season of the Witch
+Half-Deer+ “Colorcopia Pumpkin”
{what next} “Hello Fall Mini Tree (lit)”
hive “watch horror movies sign”
+Half-Deer+ “Colorcopia Pumpkin Garland – Silver – Long”
Fancy Decor “Birch Candles”

that last summer breeze

At the beach, life is different.
Time doesn’t move hour to hour
but mood to moment. We live
by the currents, plan by the tides,
and follow the sun.

Top: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Heat Bikini”
Shorts: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Star Girl Outfit” {NEW}
Hat: JACKALOPE “Floppy Beach Hat”
Pose: Something New Props & Poses “Beach House”