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Good Morning everyone!! Monday is over so we can plan on the rest of the week being fabulous until the weekend \O/ Today I bring to you the newest release from !Soul. This dress comes in a ton of different options with all kinds of accessories with it as you can see from the photo above. Some comes with earrings, purse, hat, watch, also includes shoes and a color changing HUD option on which ever dress you get. Youre basically getting 4 dresses in one. And get this.. all of it is for 60$L. Thats what I love about Shannon’s creations. Its always classy with great detail and always for a steal of a price so its affordable for basically everyone in Second Life. I chose the Army dress because I fell in love with the hat lol. I wanted to give it a Army/Prison feel. I wanted to feel important I guess or well.. look important rather haha. This outfit also comes with shoes but I chose not to wear them because we all know I suck when it comes to matching my skin. Im not sure why but my skin color is always sooooo hard to match with shoe huds. Therefore I decided to pair it up with some Maryjanes from Reign. Now you could only get them at the Gatcha Fair and Im sure most females got them while they were there. If you didnt though youre in luck because like I said the dress came with shoes anyways so hopefully youre better at matching skin than I am lol. Run on over to Soul and check out these fabulous dresses along with the other things they have for sale too. Shannon just released a new group Gift too thats a freebie and so so so cute so pick that up while youre there too. Until next time I hope everyone has a wonderful day.. muah xoxox


Outfit: !Soul “Buttons Dress” (Army & Hat) {NEW!}Comes with Lush & Tango Appliers
Visit them on Marketplace by clicking [here]
Hair: .Ploom. “I can see my halo”
Shoes: *REIGN. “Maryjanes” (Black) [They were available at the Gatcha Event.]

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Hey everyone! Today Im bringing to you one of three new Skin & Shapes from !Soul called “Rose Skin Sweet.” These Skins come with a ton of things to help all you Mesh Boobie & Booty people. It comes with appliers for Lush & Lolas, Phat Azz & Cute Azz. Also comes with eyes (not the ones in this photo), Also eyelashes (upper & lower), 6 different skin tones to choose from, the option for cleavage or not, and eyebrow base included. Very lovely.. I dont normally blog shapes cause I only use my own but I kinda love this one.. and decided to do it. Shape is mod too I do believe. Hope yall enjoy! Its different seeing me with a different avi shape for these photos but the more I looked at myself the more it grew on me lol. Eyes are from Pink Sugah if anyone is wondering and hair is from Truth 🙂

*New from !Soul.. gorgeous dresses*



Hey everyone! Today Im bringing to you the newest release from !Soul. These dresses come in 8 designs and also come with Lola & Lush Appliers, Gloves, a fur collar (which is optional) and whats also cute about this dress is you get 2 dresses in 1. You get a longer version of the dress along with a mini short cocktail type version. Very cute! The one Im wearing is my by far favorite.. although I think the white one would be cute for a after wedding ceremony dress. Ive always been a fan of a wedding dress during the wedding then changing into something a little less fluffy and big for the reception. I think the white one would be perfect for that. Run and snag all these up ladies. Tons of color options and gorgeous detail.


Dress: !Soul “Obscure”

!Soul’s Marketplace store click here

Hair: Truth Hair “Fernanda”

Jewelry: Earthstones “Diamond tennis bracelet, earrings, & necklace”


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Here’s the newest release from !Soul. Its a gorgeous corset with a cute skirt and heels to match. This outfit is called “Black-Spikes” and it comes in a ton of different colors to choose from that you see above. You can get all these outfits for 60L a piece. Also if you dont like shopping in world !Soul has a marketplace store you can look at if you click >> Here <<


.x. More like her .x.





This is the newest release from !Soul. This whole outfit you see here comes in the pack for just 60L, including the dress, hand bag, and shoes. The thing I love the most about the shoes is the peep toe it has in the front and the heel shows in the back. Theyre very sexy mesh boots. Thats what I love about !Soul creations is that you get all these great high quality mesh items for only 60L. You seriously cant beat that. This outfit is called “Zig-Zag” And I picked this one to blog cause I know my Mama’s favorite color to wear is orange for our Papa and I knew she would love it. 🙂 Ive also included the other styles and colors of this dress above as well so you know if you would like any of the other colors. Enjoy Ladies!!

 You can also visit !Soul on Marketplace. >> Click Here <<


*::.ριє¢єѕ σƒ мє.::*

“Fall… With you, I fall so fast
I can hardly catch my breath, I hope it lasts
It seems like I can finally rest my head on something real
I like the way that feels
It’s as if you know me better than I ever knew myself
I love how you can tell
All the pieces, pieces, pieces of me.”Snapshot_008ss



New release from !Soul. I just fell in love with these outfits. Its always hard to find a nice well fit blazer in Second Life and some nice dress slacks for women. These are absolutely perfect. I fell in love from the moment I put it on. Also my boyfriend loved it as well. So its a pleaser for the man in your life. Thats always a win right? (lol) [Also comes with Lola Appliers] OH and dont forget everything at the !Soul store is only 60L so you can NEVER beat that. Great quality for an amazing price.

Outfit: !Soul “Mesh Long Pants + Blazer” (Colored/White) {New!}

To be redirected to their MarketPlace store please click >>  Here <<

Hair: [e] “Rhythm”

Shoes: N-Core “Emporium”

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Here’s the newest release from !Soul. These dresses come in a variety of colors and styles. As y’all know i’m a country girl and of course i’m going to pick the dress called “Country.” So adorable and also comes with appliers for your boobies. All these dresses shown are only 60L a piece. Also in the bottom picture it shows the outfits and if it has the little dots of different colors.. that means it comes with a HUD that you can change the color of the top. Ive included a photo of the hud for the one that Im wearing. What I love about !Soul  the most is its great quality, very classy and so affordable. Hope everyone enjoys! Happy shopping ladies.

{Get the Look}

Outfit: !Soul “Country” {NEW!}

Hair: Truth Hair “Siobhan”


Bracelet: -RYCA- “Bracelet/Armband Pack Cross Gold”


Rings: [7891.] “Ring Gang” (Gold) [Can be found on Marketplace]

Earrings: Erratic “Hoop Earrings Gold”

Necklace: *MM* “Circle Charm Necklace” (You can change the color) [Can be found on Marketplace]

Watch: [7891.] “Rolex Watch” (Gold) [Can be found on marketplace]

“We’ll Be Okay.”

If you ever wonder
If you’re always in my head
I assure you it’s true
You don’t have to worry
Even when you’re gone
I still spend every day with you



Hey Everyone!! Today I bring to you a new gorgeous set of dresses from !Soul.

I am wearing the Green one but it comes in a variety of different colors

for you to choose from. It also has the cute Umbrella and boots to match

with this dress so you don’t have to spend a good 2 hours trying to match

everything with it. (I know I spend more time in my closet than anything on sl lol)

Also.. You can get the dress for 60L$ Its beautifully made with amazing detail.

You cant beat it. Just a cute flirty night time dress or you can use it

on a special occasion since it comes in a ton of colors.

Happy Tuesday & Happy Shopping doll face!!

Outfit: !Soul Nanny Mini Dress & Boots Green Tissue {New!}

Marketplace Store Click Here 

qoıƨoи & ωıиɘ



!Soul has released a few new dresses with different huds in each so you can change the color. Ive always been a HUGE fan of !Soul’s dresses. Especially dresses that come with a HUD so you can change the color to match your loves outfit. :] She released 7 dress styles with color changing HUDS. Here is 2 of my favorite styles. As you can see, Im a HUGE lover of red dresses. No girl can have enough. Enjoy! And go snag yours today!!

Dress: !Soul “Sequins” & “Two Colors”

Marketplace Link