Early In The Morning

Early In The Morning

Early In The Morning
*Happy Friday My Loves!!* I feel as if I havent blogged in forever although it wasnt that long ago that I did. Weird how that happens and then when you look at your blog you see you did last week lol. Anywho.. I know a lot of people are hating the fact that a lot of designers have went back to prim things to wear to accommodate for the mesh boobs & booties.  At first I wasnt liking it either and was right along with everyone else. I thought that we were going BACK in time instead of progressing and making mesh be able to fit all these booties. Recently though I have been loving these little body suit type dresses/outfits. Although this outfit came with a prim to make it look more like a skirt. I found myself loving it without the prim so it looks like a little shorts outfit. I dont know if Im loving it because its a little more racy or the fact that it shows off my curves better. Either way Im really digging them. What I love about this outfit the most is the fishnet detail in the front where your boob is showing just a little bit. Although I have a hair on that covers most of it so it doesnt look AS risque. It also has some fishnet detail in the back too but not as much as seen in the front. This outfit comes in a ton of different colors and styles to choose from, but I just loved the hot pink so I had to blog it. As for my shoes.. not really much of a shock there that they come from REIGN. If you have me added on Facebook you know how much I love this store, the designers, and their shoes. Ughjhhsdjfakhlfdfkhf its a reallyyyyy badddddd guilty pleasure. Yes.. Ill admit it again. REIGN is my guilty pleasure when it comes to SL clothing and heels. I talked to Illy the other day asking if these heels were just exclusive to Whore Couture and she said that the strapped ones (as seen in this photo) will eventually be available in the main store. The other ones “Trance” she wasnt sure if they would be available later on or not. I hadnt picked up the Strapped ones yet and just decided to go on over to Whore Couture and get them instead of waiting for the release in the main store since even Illy didnt know for sure WHEN they would be released there. Either way BOTH shoes at Whore Couture from REIGN are SOOOOOO WORTH EVERY PENNY and If you havent purchased them yet Idk what the hell you are waiting on. GO GO! Also if you havent joined their group in world.. you need to do so. They are the ONLY group in SL that when they message I dont instantly close it out. The girls in there are SO friendly and we have a blast just talking about random stuff. PLUS the group gifts you get are UH-MAZING! Go join the group nao its also FREE to join for a limited time so do it before its too late.  ( secondlife:///app/group/97b7ac59-1198-78a9-a5a3-01f58cbee3c2/about ) ! Anywho I hope yall have a fabulous weekend and enjoy this post. Until next time.. Ill see yall soon! ♥
Outfit: .::Pink Sugah::. “Walk of Shame” (Hot Pink) {NEW!}  –Includes all appliers for boobs & booties

Hair: Truth Hair “Lolita” {NEW!} @ Collabor88

Heels: *REIGN. “Strapped Heels” {NEW!} @ WCF!  –You will need Slink Mid Feet for these heels

Glasses: [Deadly Couture] “Deadly Frames” (Black & Silver)

Makeup: [Curves] “Beauty Makeup Lipstick deep pink”

Ring: [Deadly Couture] “Royalty Rings” (Silver)

Teeth: Cain “Realistic Vampire Fangs V2”

Handbag: LUAS “Clutch Leopard Cross”

*And shes buying a stairway to heaven*

"And shes buying a stairway to heaven"

"And shes buying a stairway to heaven"

Hello all my loves! I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to their weekend. I for one am SO GLAD this past week is over because it seems as though its just been on hell of a week. On the plus side though.. WHORE COUTURE STARTS TODAY!!! \O/ Im so excited! Ive been seeing so many great things designers are putting out for it and omlawddd the shoes section designers are putting out is just absolutely AMAZING. Any who.. with that being said this is a exclusive from .::Pink Sugah::. for Whore Couture. I loveeeeee this dress. It comes in a few different colors to choose from, but I went with “Snow” cause it was just classy looking and went well with this Sim I went to for the photos. The detail in the back is my favorite part. Tied up in the back showing some skin but still keeping it tasteful. I love it. Tara did a wonderful job on this dress.

Now onto the shoes… oh my worddddd!! These heels.. ugh! They were from Project Limited but can still be purchased in the store until they run out. They had a few colors still left along with a bunch more other ones to choose from. After I purchased these though there was 9 of the silver ones left. (It was the most limited one there so Im not sure if they will be there when you go. But Im sure other colors will be.)

I hope you all enjoy this outfit as much as I do. I cant wait to wear it out somewhere. And everyone have fun at Whore Couture.. I know I will be snatching up a ton of stuff. *Happy Shopping loves*
Outfit: .::Pink Sugah::. “Bombshell” (Snow) @ Whore Couture
Hair: Exile:: “Pictures of you” @ Project Limited.
Heels: REIGN. “Emperor Heels” (Pure/Silver)
Clutch: Luas Urban Style “Demi Clutch Leopard Cross”

WCF3 poster texture

SeXXX [always] Sells

Sexx Sells

Good Morning everyone! You notice that every one of my blogs starts off with either Good Morning everyone.. or Hey everyone. I dont know why but apparently I seem to think thats a good opener for yall. Hmm… I need to work on changing it and spicing it up every now and then hahaha.

I absolutely love this outfit first off. The lace detail and the little zipper detail in the back is SO cute. This comes in a TON of colors to choose from too. I had a hard time finding one that I wanted to blog, but I decided to go with the Nude color because for some reason Im loving nudes right now. (man.. did that just sound pervy) Hmm.. I should have said “Neutrals” I guess haha. Any who.. this is the 2nd exclusive from the Sexxx Sells Event from .::Pink Sugah::. You can only get this outfit at that event and believe me its worth heading over and checking out. This is called “All Night” and like I said before the color is “Nude.” It comes with all the appliers you would need for boobs & butts. The Sexxx Sells Event is brought to you by Siren Productions and the event is open now (Started January 17th) through January 24th. I actually went to the event last night to check it out and picked up a few things myself. Tons of different stores all over the place and it wasnt very laggy for me at all. Given now I went at like 3am EST but still.. I was flying all over the place like a total noob shopping hahaha. The hair im wearing in this photo is from Truth (as always lol) and its called “Selma.” Im a huge lover of Ploom & Truth Hair so normally Im always wearing something from them. Oh Oh! I finally broke down and bought Mesh Ears. Yes I know.. Im so behind, but I have the hardest time matching things to my skin and was iffy about getting them. I finally said screw it and got them. I bought some from [Mandala] (of course everyone has them from there) and I have to say thats the best money I spent in Second Life. I say this because I had no problem matching them at all. And even though there just simple ears with piercings I love them. Im not one to stretch my ears in real life so I dont think I need to on my Second Life avi. I still havent broke down and purchased the Cute or Phat Azz yet nor have I bought Lolas, but if you know me you know I hate change. I’ll probably never buy the boobies but I might purchase a Cute Azz for blogging purposes only. ANYWAYS… Ive just ranted and went on and on with this blog post when I shouldnt have but I thought Id just talk to yall for a minute. I hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday. Until next time take care.

SeXXX Sells Event

*Lilac Dreams*




Good Afternoon yall. This is a new release brought to you from .:Pink Sugah:. for the Going Bust @ Cleavage Event. It  runs from  Thursday 21st November until Monday. There is 2 different dresses to choose from. A pink on and a Purple Lace like you see above that I have blogged for you. This outfit is called “Bella” (Purple Lace)


Poses: :Belle Poses: 

-Female Single 1

-Female Single 5

(Thank you so much Libby for allowing me to use your poses in my blogs)

.::Eyes On Fire::.



.:: Pink Sugah::. Just released these AWESOME Eyes. My favorite is “Minty” the green ones. Ugh! Totally fell in love. These are also a Gatcha in the main store. You can just try your luck at 25L a piece, Choose your color at 35L or you can grab them all for 150L. Personally I think you should snag the fatpack but thats just me cause theyre sooooo cute and can be used for tons of looks.

*Cover your dirty pillows*



Heres a new release from .::Pink Sugah::. available at the Dirty Pillows Hunt. You get a cute little top with adorable pajama shorts (which i LOVE) and it comes with a little snuggly bear to cuddle at night so you’re not lonely. How could you even pass this up? Go go now and snag this freebie hunt gift!!

Dirty Pillows 2 starts on 1st November and ends on 30th