Sugar & Cyanide @ Winter Gacha Fair

New at the Winter Gacha Fair from Sugar & Cyanide. This is called “Santa Baby” and Im showing you the RARE Gacha which is in Red. Comes in 7 different colors so try and grab them all.

A Holiday Dress to Remember. :)



This is a new Holiday themed dress from Sugar & Cyanide. Its called “Holiday-purple” and its absolutely beautiful. I love this color purple its so pretty. Could be used for tons of different occasions.. even maybe a New Years Party dress. Dont let this one slip by you girls. Go get it.

You can get it at The Boobie Planet

*White Girl gotta BOOTY*

“I know this girl named Miss Jaden and her ass the softest tissue
She got everybody hatin’ cuz her booty is official
I say “whooty” they say “whooty?” I say “white gurl wit a booty”




Here is Sugar & Cyanides release for the Big Booty Bazaar Monthly event for all yall females with a bootilicious booty. This outfit is called “Sex & Candy.” Hurry and get it before the event is over. 🙂
Big Booty Bazaar Event