*Dead Queen*


Outfit: .::Pink Sugah::. “Bloody Halloween” (Willow) {NEW!}

Crown: TST “Twilight Diamond Tiara” (Silver)

Hair: Truth Hair “Bonnie”

Pose: Something New “Pageant Winner” {NEW!} @ Unique Event

Makeup: Corvus “Beaten Up Face” & “Deep Black Eyeshadow”

Nail Polish: ::Toxxic:: “Pandora Gatcha Nail #2” {NEW!} @ Halloween Blackout

*Just pickin apples*




Can I girly scream for a second? *ahhh jumps around all excited like a 13 year old at her first dance* Okay, okay, now that thats out of my system I can get to this blog post. The other night Brae IMd me and told me she had made something that she hoped I liked because she took inspiration from my blog posts and stuff I wear normally to make it. She sent it to me and first of all it was named “Jaden” so I instantly got a lil excited and then when I opened it up I fell in LOVEEEE!! Eeeeekkkk!! Its this CUTE CUTE CUTE little hoodie for Fall. Okay.. first off.. I LOVE Hoodies in RL and SL and secondly the back of this hoodie is to die for. The little corset ribbons up the back.. AHHH!! I FREAKIN LOVE LOVE LOVE! Its like cute casual but sexy in the back. I cant get enough of this hoodie. AND it had little ribbons on the sleeves and in the front. SO STINKIN CUTE! It comes in a few different colors too. Ugh! I just love it so much and I wanna thank Brae for making it with me in mind. It totally made my day. These jeans are from the Spirit Store and although a little pricey they are worth it. They dont show your butt crack, they are skinny jeans so cute with heels, and the detail around the knee is amazing. I ended up buying two pairs of these. One in white as you see here and the other in orange. The heels are to die for too. They are also a lil on the pricey side but worth it. I have two pairs of these too. I was looking at someones blog post one day and it just said JD for the maker and no link. I was determined to find this store and tried everything in the world trying to find it. Why people dont use SLURLS in their blog blows me away. Whats the point of a blog if you arent going to link us the SLURL to where we can get it? I finally found “JD” at an event which was what was shown in the blog post I was looking at. I then had to jump through hoops basically to find out wtf JD meant and then find the owners profile and get a tp to the store that way. Argh so much hassle for me to just go and look around for shoes lol. I get there and they have a TON of cute shoes and I fell in love with these. BTW JD means Just Designs and I have added the SLURL if you would like to visit the store. Why? Because thats what bloggers SHOULD do ffs. Smdh makes me so frustrated when I see a cute outfit with no blog links to the store. I want to write them and say “Hey.. whats the point? Just wanna show off how cute you think you look and thats it? Have a seat please!” lmfao. Ofc I dont, but sometimes I wish I just would. ANY WHO.. the nails are some of my favorite from the Halloween Blackout event. I love this metallic silver look and also the ring you can get at Halloween Blackout as well. I thought it was a cute touch of flavor to my fall post. 🙂  Hope yall enjoyed this and I will see  you soon. 🙂 Until next time..


Hoodie: .t13. “Jaden Fall Hoodie” (Black) {NEW!}
Jeans: Spirit Store “Lav Unisex Pants” (White)
Shoes: JD “Cult Lacquered” (Mint)
Hair: Truth Hair “Shae”
Nails: ::Toxxic:: “Pandora Gatha Nail #1” {NEW!} @ Halloween Blackout
Ring: The Little Bat “Pearl Bat Ring” (Orange) {NEW!} @ Halloween Blackout


*You only live…*



Yayyy!! I hope everyone is doing fucking fabulous! Im so excited about bringing to you my first post for the Heat Wave Gatcha Event. This event is going on from August 10th through the 30th. So you have a couple days to save up some money before you head on over. This event has all its gatcha machines 100L$ and less. So its very affordable for everyone to try their luck at trying to get something rare from the machines. Browsing all the goodies I have to bring to you over the next few weeks I was just drawn to this dress. I absolutely LOVEEEE the colors. Its so vibrant and pretty. It also comes with these cute sunglasses that fit right on your shirt. Perfect for a day out on the beach just lounging or even lounging at home with some friends. My eyes were next brought to the mouth pick from twenty13. I thought it matched perfectly and knew I had to use it in this post. The mouth pick has a TON of different options to get from the Gatcha machine so try and snag them all. The one in this photo is a common so go get it! The nails are also a item at Heat Wave too. Im so addicted to different nail polishes for my slink feet. Im sure I have a ton and the one im wearing from Toxxic is just gorgeous! The detail is amazing and a must have for every girl. It also comes in a variety of different shades to get so once again try and grab them all. 🙂 Be on the lookout for my other blog posts featuring new items from the Heat Wave Event. I have a ton of great things to share with yall. Im so excited!!

As always.. until next time


Dress: Ryba Design “Beachtunic” (RARE) {NEW!} @ Heat Wave Gatcha

Shoes: REIGN. “Hermosa Wedges” (White)

Hair: MOON{Hair} Buoyant {NEW} @ 21

Pick: .t13. “Mouth Pick” (Pulau) {NEW!} @ Heat Wave Gatcha

Nails: ::Toxxic:: Pandora “Aloha Gatcha Nail2” {NEW!} @ Heat Wave Gatcha







I got SO MANY compliments on this outfit I figured I would blog it.

Photos are taken at Alter Egos store. :]

Top: {Alterego} “Rack City” outfit

Bangles are included in this outfit shown here.

Bow Piercings are also included in this outfit.

Skirt: {Alterego} “Headsprung” outfit

Stilettos & legwarmers: {Alterego} “Platform Stilettos + Legwarmers”  (Blk Strip)


Rings: Cute Poison “Diamond Star Rings” (Pack A)


Hair: .Ploom. “”June” (New)


Earrings: ON¥X NO!R “Chanel Diamonds Are 4eva”