Three thirty in the morning..

With this post Im only going to be showcasing the Umbrella from The Pose Shop. I will do another blog post showing you what I have on and talking about it. Stay tuned for that post. And let me know what you think about the video blog. Should I do more? Should I just stop? lol Your feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you all for continuing to support me. It means so much to me. And thank you again to Piper for allowing me to blog this gorgeous item. ♥

The Pose Shop “Brolly/ Lightening Storm” {NEW!} @ Sad November


.::*White Liar*::.

 You better be careful what you do 
I wouldn’t wanna be in your shoes 
If they ever found you out 
You better be careful what you say 
It never really added up any way 
I got friends in this town 

Hey white liar 
The truth comes out a little at a time 
And it spreads just like a fire 
Slips off of your tongue like turpentine 
And I don’t know why 
White liar 



Ahhh!! Im so excited about this post. 1.) because its very country and im a southern girl and 2.) because an amazing friend of mine Mercy created this little beauty of an outfit. If youve never met her youre missing out because shes probably one of the SWEETEST people in all of Second Life. This ADORABLEEEEE outfit comes with everything you see here BUT the hair and umbrella. Yes.. you get the dress, necklace, AND BOOTS! Omggahhhh I LOVE THESE BOOTS! The detail to this outfit is just amazing and Im so impressed with Mercy’s store. She also has CUTEEE clothing for men too. So ladies.. hop on over and check out the stuff she has for your men to wear. She doesnt have a main in-world store yet but it is coming. For now shes only on marketplace and what you see is what you get. The clothing looks exactly like it does in her photos on there. Im so excited for her to create MORE things for yall because I think shes just fabulous!! Thank you so much, Mercy for allowing me to blog for you. Its truly a pleasure. ♥ Muah!!
Outfit: Mercy’s Bowtique “Country Chic” {NEW!} 
Hair: Truth Hair “Qopi”
Umbrella: *BOOM* “Rain no rain umbrella” (Tiffany Bow)  {NEW!} @ The Arcade.