Frozen Ice





Jacket: MoDANNA “Nylon Coat” (White) {NEW!}Winter Trend 2015 [Rafale Collection]

Pants: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Tweed Pants” (Slate Blue)

Hair: Truth Hair “Josette” (Part of 12 days of savings)

Bottom two poses: Something New “Ice Skaters Gacha” (Common single f1 and f2 poses) {NEW!}

@ Candy Cane Lane Gacha Event. Dec 12-31.


Nothing burns like the cold.


“Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.”

– Pietro Aretino

Gosh! I feel as if I havent blogged in yearsssss for some reason. My last post was only 2 weeks ago, but it seriously feels way longer than that. Maybe because Ive had so much going on in rl? I dont know. Either way.. I dont like it because I just love getting lost in the picture taking, playing dress up, and well… the whole process of doing a blog post. If youre a blogger you know how time consuming it can be. And tbh thats why I love it sometimes. Getting lost in blogging takes my mind off everything else going on in the world. Today I bring to you some newness from Cynful at The Winter Trend 2015. I was lucky enough to get into this event yesterday and look around for a few with NO lag. Amazing huh? Well.. it is for me considering Im in desperate need of a new computer, but thats besides the point lol. This little beauty comes in a variety of different colors and also sizes for about everything mesh out there you could possible have. It also comes with the scarf you see here OR you could wear it without the scarf and show a little more cleavage. Its so cute and cozy yet sexy either way you decide to wear it. My hair is from Truth and its one of the ones on sale for 12 Days of Savings. You get a variety pack for 100L. Insane huh? yup pretty much… but im so thankful Truth took part in this because who doesnt love truth hair on sale? No one. You can never have enough Truth hair in your inventory.


Dress: [Cynful] Clothing & Co “Silhouette Dress” (White) {NEW!} @ The Winter Trend 2015


Hair: Truth Hair “Karlie” (Part of the 12 Days of Savings. Only 100L)

Addicted to you.

She asked “You are in love what does love look like?”

to which I replied “Like everything I’ve ever lost came back to me.”


I’m so excited to bring this post to y’all today. Not only do I love this outfit, but I also completely and totally redone my blog. It had been two years since I did anything with my blog look so I figured what the hell. Its January.. Its a new year.. why not completely and totally revamp my whole thing. I was so tired of the dark blog look so I wanted to go with something very bright and colorful. Plus I think I like the font with this blog best too. Its big and y’all can read it better. I obviously do not pay for the premium WordPress and have no reason to so I don’t get to change the font colors or anything. So what I have is what I have and I’m completely and totally satisfied with this. I also put my sponsors, feeds, blog roll, Facebook & Flickr in tabs at the top. I think I might go through and add a tab for SLURLs and places I frequently visit too. Im not sure I will, but I am thinking about it. Do people even frequently look at those anyways? I know I really don’t unless someone has them and don’t link the SLURL in their blog post. Which by the way.. annoys the hell out of me. Any who… I hope you really like the new look. Believe it or not this took me 4 hours to do. Which doesn’t look like I’ve done much, but there was SO much I changed. Now that all that is outta the way lets get to this outfit. I know y’all have probably seen this look a thousand times recently by other bloggers. I’ve seen it a lot myself but I still wanted to blog it for the pure fact that I think its so damn cute. And everything you get with it int he HUD is amazingly insane. This whole look is from Cynful. It comes with everything you see here. Comes with parts you can wear alone.. example you can just wear the dress or you can wear the jeans with it. Im doing the whole look which comes with a complete alpha layer. This comes in a ton of different colors so basically what you have to choose is the color of the dress you want. The HUD allows you to change everything else. For example.. the boots, fur on the boots, fur on the dress, undershirt, zipper, and then Cyn put out Add-Ons so you can add actual fur to the boots and collar. So stinkin cute beyond belief. The thing with this outfit is your arms aren’t free to move around. They stay in the pockets. Which I didn’t realize until putting the outfit on. So if you think you can take your arms out of the pockets and this is just a pose I’m using that makes them look that way you’re completely wrong. I also noticed after taking these photos that I recently blogged this hair the other day. Sorry for blogging the same hair again, but I’ve realized I love it so much so it doesn’t matter lol. I guess that’s it for now. I think I’ve said everything that I need to say and hopefully I haven’t left anything out. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and Ill see y’all soon in my next post. ♥


Outfit: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Prissy Fur Outfit” (Coral) {NEW!}
Hair: Truth Hair “Sienna”

*Dreaming of a white Christmas*



I was so excited when I seen this new release from Cynful. Its the cutest Cardigan Dress. Yes.. you can also wear this as a dress or with something under it. I chose to wear with leggings because I felt as though it gave me more of that winter, warm, cozy look. And my goodness the HUD that comes with this thing is INCREDIBLE! Each Color has the option for 20..yes I said 20  different undershirt colors/textures which also can be hidden and the lace has 20 different color options. The possibilities are ENDLESS with this adorable dress. It also comes in 5 Standard Sizes, 1 Phatazz size for normal and Thicker fit, 2 Cuteazz sizes and, yes, also it comes with the Belleza Venus fit. Tango appliers are sold separately. This is also available at the Winter Trend 2014. This event is a two sim event.. you have a North Pole and a South Pole to explore and buy goodies at. Winter clothing is always my favorite.. rl and sl. You can always look so classy in winter clothing and I love it. So dont forget to head on over to this event and check it out before its to late! Hope everyone is having a fabulous beginning to their week! Love you all so much and thank you again for the continuous support.

Dress: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Cardigan Dress” (Grey) {NEW!} @ Winter Trend 2014

Leggings: Any Black Legging will do.. these Im wearing came with an outfit that Im not sure you can purchase anymore.
Heels: REIGN “Magnetic Pumps” (Black)
Hair: Truth Hair “Bijou”

Owl love you forever♥






Jacket: MoDANNA “Leather & Whool Coat” (Brown) [Tapage Collection] {NEW!} @ TBS
Jeans: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. “Eve Britches” (Olive)
Shoes: Alyce “Ugg Boots” (Comes with a 60 color HUD)
Hair: Truth Hair “Siri”
Hat: 8f8 “Owl Hats” (Was a RARE gatcha item from an event last year)

leans on me like a rootless tree

Fuck you
And all we’ve been through
I said leave it, 
It’s nothing to you

And if you hate me
Then hate me so good
That you just let me out
Let me out, let me out
It’s hell when you’re around.

What I want from this is to learn to let go
No, not of you, of all that’s been told
Killers re-invent and believe
And this leans on me like a rootless tree.

*Rootless Tree*
*Rootless Tree*

Hey y’all! First off I would like to say I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and I hope you’re ready for the new year since its only a couple days away. Seems like this year has flew by for me. Although the older I get I’ve noticed 12 months seems like 5 lol. Especially since time in SL seems to fly by already 1 month feels like a year. ANY WHO.. today I’m bringing you this lovely sweater from a dear friend of mine, Sofia. I fell in love with it and knew I needed it for my SL closet. So much that I’ve seriously been wearing this same outfit in SL for a good week now. I don’t want to take it off. Its cute, casual, comfy, warm.. and very fitting for this holiday season. You can pair it up with about any jeans and it looks great, but I went with Auxilierys Belted Bells jeans. Throw on some cute heels and you’re ready for the night. This is one of my favorite hair styles in SL too. I think Truth recently came out with one similar to this one but the one I’m wearing now comes with a shaved hair base so you can be a little bit more edgy with your look. LOVE! Anyways, I hope you all have a fabulous New Year and can stick to whichever resolution you decide to do. Love you all to pieces and once again thank you for all the support and love you show me and my blog. Muah xoxo

Top: Zee “Cashmere Comfy Sweater” (Black)
Jeans: [Aux] “Belted Bells” (Grime)
Shoes: N-Core “Coquette Glitter Edition” (Black)
Hair: eXxEsS “Chimera”
Ring: [7891.] “Dope Ring” (Gold)

Poses: :Belle Poses: “Female Set 2”


.:: WiREFLY ::.








Since I havent did a blog in a few days and I get asked continuously about this outfit every time I wear it, I figured why not blog about it. Haha!

What I love about this outfit the most if the fact that it comes with a alpha layer that connects everything together. It also comes with alpha layers separately but for us Phoenix Viewer users it comes with a FULL Alpha so we can actually wear the whole outfit considering it is 100% mesh. The details are fabulous as well as the fit and flow on the body. It comes in 7 different pant sizes &  5 different shirt sizes. Therefore fitting basically every avi out there. I used the small sizes on mine cause I felt that it fit better with my shape other than my boobs and booty. I adjusted them and it didnt give me pancake butt with even the pants being a small. All in all a fabulous winter’ish outfit but still showing a little sexy.


Outfit- Wirefly – Club Outfit (Includes boots, top, & bottoms)

Earrings- 3-hoop Earring in Radiant Gold (not sure the maker.. probably easily found on MP though)

Nails: AlterEgo Glitter Nails

Ring: AlterEgo “Big ass Rang”

Makeup: [Curves] Mystique make-up-eyeshadow Brown

Belly Ring: dl:: Emo Belly Piercing

Hair: .ploom. “Gabby”

Nose Ring: Jewelled Monroe *Xia’s Boutique*

Tattoo: Custom iNKZ Tattoos



.:: Baby Its Cold Outside ::.




Since Alterego is having their 75% off Sale I had to jump on the bandwagon and go see if there was anything I didnt have from there that I wanted. Since this sale consist of over 1000 Items she needs to move to the marketplace I figured even though I own over half her stuff there was probably something on sale I didnt. Then I found this outfit.. gahhh im in love. Especially with it being the winter season its perfect for this time of year. It also comes with another add on for the sweater to make it have little pockets and stuff at the bottom but it just didnt look good on my avi since it wasnt mesh. Which is totally fine cause even without it the sweater still looks soft, comfy and warm. I paired it up with these fabulousssss booties I found from Bedazzle Designs. They are soooo adorable and the perfect height for these capri’s. Absolutely love them!! If you havent hit up Alterego yet you must do it soon! The Retirement Sale is going through December 10th. I saw some things as low as $19L. You cant beat that!

Outfit: :: Alterego :: “Adorkable Outfit in Brown”
Boots: Bedazzle Designs “Winter Time Outfit” (boots are included in the full outfit)
Nails: :: alterego :: Glitter Nails
Tattoo: Tenjin “Hummingbird Heartbeat Tattoo”
Makeup: [Curves] Mystique Makeup Eyeshadow Brown
Hair: Truth Hair “Kami in Crow/streaked”